ELPA21 Information

The English Language Proficiency Assessment 21 (ELPA21) determines student eligibility for English language development (ELD) services. The ELPA21 annually assesses growth in English language development by the state's English language learners. This assessment tests reading, writing, listening and speaking knowledge and skills.

The ELPA21 consists of two tests:

1.The Placement Test is used to determine initial student eligibility for English language development (ELD) services. The Placement Test is given to all students whose families answer "yes" to question #2 on the Home Language Survey: "Is your child's first language a language other than English?"

2. The Annual Test is given to all students who qualified for ELD services with a Placement Test. It measures students' growth in English language knowledge and skills. Results from this test determine which students are eligible to continue to receive ELD services.

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ELPA21 Annual Test


What is the name of this test?

This test is called the English Language Proficiency Assessment 21 Annual Test or ELPA21.

Is there a different form of the ELPA21 each year?

Yes. For each grade band there are three forms of the assessment, one of which will be selected for administration each year.

What are the grade bands for the ELPA21?

There are five grade bands:

  • K & 1
  • 2 & 3
  • 4 & 5
  • 6 through 8
  • 9 through 12

Is there a cost for the ELPA21?

No. Districts do not pay for students in the State Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program (STBIP). Districts may incur a cost to test Title III and private school students as well as students not in the STBIP identified by the Office for Civil Rights.

Is the ELPA21 offered in Braille or large print?

It is offered in large print as well as Braille.

Is the ELPA21 a secure test?

Yes. Test proctors, school assessment coordinators and district assessment coordinators must follow security protocols outlined in the Washington State Assessment Coordinators Manual.

When is the ELPA21 test window?

The state's testing calendar shows the ELPA21 window each school year, School Districts' schedule administration of the ELPA21 within the window. There is only one window each school year.

Which students take the ELPA21?

Every student in Grades K through 12 who has qualified for ELD services in the STBIP takes the ELPA21. Native American students in a Title III program also take the ELPA21, as will students in private schools that accept ELD services. Districts working in partnership with the Office for Civil Rights may be required to assess selected students with the ELPA21.

Are students whose parents have waived program services required to take the ELPA21?

Students whose parents have waived program services are required to participate in the annual administration of the ELPA21.

Reporting Scores

How are scores reported?

The publisher sends two copies of each student's scores to the district, one to be distributed to the student's family.

What scores are reported for each student?

The student-level report includes a scale score for each language domain as well as an overall score and a comprehension score.

Additional Information

Where is additional information about ELD services to be found?

Refer to the Guidelines for the Washington State Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program and other program-related guidance here.

Where is information about testing accommodations for ELLs to be found?

Refer to the Access Supports and Accommodations Guidelines for State Assessments (2013-14) (PDF ).

For further information and/or clarification please contact:

Assistant Superintendent David Andra 509-346-2222 Ext. 4003