Dates of Testing


We are gearing up for evaluating students for the Highly Capable (Gifted) Program.  Due to COVID, we tested very few students last year.  Therefore, we anticipate testing a higher number of students than usual this year.

While we evaluate students at all grade levels, we try to identify them as young as possible, so K-6 is an especially important window.

A child may be referred for evaluation for any reason, by teachers, support staff, parents, or others. It could be high test scores, unusual creativity, accelerated progress through the EL program, general "out-of-the-box" thinking, high achievement, and more.  Giftedness has many facets.  Students may qualify in one area or more broadly.  We have some students who qualify for Special Ed services in one area and qualify for the HiCap program in other areas.  Gifted students may finish work quickly, or they may, for a variety of reasons, take time and think deeply about their tasks.  Therefore, students do not need to be "speedy" to qualify for the gifted program.  Behavior (positive or negative) should not be a factor when referring a child.  Gifted students often have good grades, but not always.


Click Here to Refer a Student to the Highly Capable Program.

Referrals are accepted on an ongoing basis, but to be tested during the current testing window, this online referral form should be filled out by March 12th.  Alternatively, a paper version of the form can be obtained from the main office at each school and need to be returned to the office at any school by March 12, 2021.


Parents and teachers for each child will be contacted to fill out a Student Strengths form. 

If you can questions, you can email [email protected] or call your child’s school.