COVID Testing

One way to keep our schools safe and open is to offer free COVID-19 tests to students, staff, and household members. Illness due to COVID and/or close contact exposure can add up to a lot of missed days.  Additionally, a lack of access to COVID testing in our community can make it difficult, often resulting in families needing to travel for testing.  Beginning in the fall of 2021, Royal School District has increased access to COVID testing for students and staff through the Washington State “Learn to Return” program. 

Royal School District's COVID response team is trained and available to test Royal School District staff, students, and families. Testing is available to any staff or student who may have been exposed to COVID.  This is a community-based program provided at no cost.  Rapid antigen tests are provided as self-administered, shallow nasal swabs. Test results are available 15 minutes after testing.

Consent Form

COVID testing for students and staff is an option, not a requirement. All testing is voluntary, and we will never test a student without parental consent.

To make it easier and faster to get a COVID test, we have a single consent form that can be used for the entire school year. The consent form may be downloaded below, or filled out at the school. We will be offering three types of diagnostic testing.

Complete the COVID Testing Consent Form HERE

Diagnostic Testing:  What to expect the day of testing

We offer free diagnostic testing to all students, staff and families who have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 or is experiencing symptoms. Testing is available at centralized locations throughout the district every school day. Testing is voluntary.

Test sites will be outdoor walk-up or drive-through sites. Tests are self-administered, shallow nasal swabs.

  1. Check in with a COVID team member. The team member will ask to confirm the name and date of birth.
  2. A team member will guide the staff or student through the self-collected sample process.
  3. The team member will document all results.
  4. Test results are available within 15 minutes of testing, based on contact information provided during registration.

Testing Sites and Times

All Royal staff, students, and family members are welcomed at any of the testing sites listed below. All testing sites will occur outdoors unless otherwise communicated. Testing is recommended 5-7 days after an individual's last day of close contact to a positive COVID case, or if symptoms are present. Test samples are self-administered, shallow nasal swabs.

Drive-Through Testing at Royal Middle School

921 Ahlers Road, Royal City, WA 99357


3:30-4:30 PM

Athletic Testing

Screening testing is required by the WIAA and Washington Department of Health. Testing will occur two times per week for unvaccinated players of basketball, wrestling, and indoor cheer. Testing occurs at predetermined indoor locations. Samples are collected via self-administered, shallow nasal swabs.

What to expect the day of testing

  1. A trained staff member will meet individuals at a predetermined location (ex: a dedicated care room, hallway, gym, etc.)
  2. The team member will ask to confirm the name and date of birth to ensure the student is enrolling in Screening Testing with the correct consents.
  3. A team member will guide the student through the self-collected sample process.
  4. A negative sample will not be notified. In the case of a positive test, parents/guardians will be notified.

Test to Stay (Modified Quarantine)

The “Test to Stay” program has strict protocols to which both students and families must agree:
Students who were exposed while in school or during a school related event may continue to attend class in a modified quarantine status for 7 days after exposure, if they:

  1. Are tested at least twice during the 5 days of quarantine; AND
  2. Are not experiencing symptoms, or symptoms are resolving; AND
  3. Continue to wear a well-fitted mask.

In-school “Test to Stay” diagnostic testing is available before school each morning from 7:45-8:30 AM at each school building.