Weather Delays

Winter Weather Information

Announcements about operating status will be made:

  • Through Automated phone calls (robocalls)
  • On our Facebook page at
  • On the home page of our district website
  • On local radio stations

If bad weather conditions, unusual building circumstances, or other unforeseen activities occur during the night or day, there will be an announcement sent out through the communication platforms listed above. If there are no announcements, assume school is operating as usual. Updates will be posted to the home page of the Royal School District website as well. Royal School District will post modified bus route information on the district website by 6:00 a.m. Remember to hit the “Refresh” button on your computer frequently for the most up-do-date information. Information will also be posted on the district’s Facebook page.

In the event of a school closure or delayed start, the district’s automated phone system will begin calling households by 6:15 a.m. The message alerts will show caller Id (844) 822-2201.  To receive text messages, please subscribe by texting "Y" to 67587.

For this purpose, it is important that your student’s school office has up-to-date contact information.

If you are unable to access our website or local radio/TV stations, please telephone the transportation office at (509) 346-2252. The office will have a recorded message for that day’s delay or closure.


FM Radio:

Q-6 News Spokane

KONA 105.3 FM - Light Rock

KXLY News 4 Spokane

KWIQ 100.3 FM - Country

KIMA 29 Spokane
(will air on KEPR)

KZHR 92.5 FM Español


In poor weather we will leave the bus shop 15 minutes earlier in the morning to pick up students. If roads become un-passable parents may be asked to bring students to a safer stop or to school until roads clear.  Drivers will instruct students on time changes in bad weather.

Inclement Weather Schedule for Late Starts and Snow Days

(Behind the Scenes)

8:00 pm (Evening Before) – Superintendent & Transportation director contact each other to discuss any current or impending weather that could potentially trigger a snow day or a late start. Transportation director takes a district vehicle home.

2:30 am – transportation director checks roads, a pre-determined route will be driven to check conditions

Transportation Director calls assistant maintenance director to mobilize snow cleaning crew

4:30 am – Transportation director calls Wahluke & Othello Transportation for input. (Decision will not always be the same due to geographic differences)

4:45 am- Transportation director calls bus drivers with necessary information

5:00 am – The first decision is made and communication protocol is activated.

Three Scenarios:

School Messenger and Facebook will be used for parent communication.

A. Business as Usual:

Not necessary to communicate or activate communication protocol. However, if questionable, notice will be put on Facebook.

B. Late Start WITHOUT Emergency Snow Route:

Used to buy more time if situation is questionable and/or confusing. (least recommended but sometimes necessary)

  1. Superintendent contacts the Board
  2. Transportation director contacts media (KXLY most important)
  3. Superintendent calls Executive Assistant to activate robo-calling system
    * Staff notification at 5 am
    * Parent/ student notification at 6:15 am
  4. Executive Assistant updates Facebook and Royal Website Feed
  5. Executive Assistant emails iFiber One News at [email protected]
  6. Superintendent contacts leadership team through Voxer
  7. Superintendent calls athletic director to coordinate athletic activities
  8. Executive Assistant Calls Sub Coordinator
  9. Sub Coordinator contacts substitutes and updates Red Rover
  10. Technology Director locks doors remotely
  11. Administration office staff report at 8 am, notify Superintendent if unavailable.
  12. Decision for cancellation will be between 7 – 8 am closer to 7, if possible.

C. Late Start WITH Emergency Snow Route

  1. Parents of affected students will be notified that we will be using emergency snow routes via School Messenger.
  2. Late start message will include snow-route information in outgoing communication including web, Facebook and School Messenger
  3. All other late start procedures are applicable with this scenario. 

Contact the District's Executive Assistant at 509-346-2222 for Facebook notices that could help parents and student for events and activities.

Athletics and after school activities/ events

If school is closed, all out of district transportation, meetings, field trips, after school activities, practices, and games will be canceled for the day unless otherwise announced. 

Although the district does not make up delayed starts, we are required to make up any canceled days.