2024 Levy Election Results

As of 8:02 PM on election day (Tuesday, February 13, 2024) local voters have approved Royal’s Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy at 63.28%! The final election results will be certified officially by the county on February 23rd.  As we await for official results to be certified, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who voted. You can track election results for Grant County at https://results.vote.wa.gov/results/20240213/grant/.

2024 Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy

The “basic education funding” school districts receive from the State do not cover all the actual costs that are needed to operate a school district. Local levies help to bridge this gap in funding. Royal School District has an Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy on the February 13, 2024 special election. If approved by local voters, the 2024 EP&O Levy will replace our current levy (last approved in 2022). Royal’s EP&O Levy is a way for our local community to provide support for basic educational needs and a well-rounded education for our students. Through levies, local dollars stay local.

2024 Levy Quick Facts

  • Voters living within the Royal School District boundaries will have the opportunity to vote on the district’s 2024
  • Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) levy on February 13, 2024.
  • The 2024 EP&O Levy replaces the current, expiring levy that was approved in 2022.
  • A levy is a locally approved tax based on property values.
  • How much will the levy cost?
  • Total collection amount = $1,825,000 (collected in 2025 and 2026)
  • Proposed levy tax rate = $1.72 (collected in 2025) and $1.67 (collected in 2026)
    • * NOTE: our proposed levy rate is 78 cents lower than the state levy cap allowance of $2.50.
  • As seen in the chart below, the actual levy tax rate paid by property owners has historically been collected at a much lower rate than the tax rate initially proposed by the school district. While this may seem like great news for taxpayers, the reality is that Royal’s schools lose hundreds of thousands of dollars we are eligible to receive from the State if the actual tax rate is collected at a rate below $1.50.
bar chart showing proposed vs. collected tax rates
  • To maximize your investment and receive the “State match dollars” for our schools, it is crucial that the final tax rate collected for Royal’s levy does not come in below $1.50.
  • The levy pays for educational programs and offerings not fully funded by the State, including:
    • Athletics
    • Career and Technical Education (CTE), Vocational, and STEM programs
    • Amazing Shake Competition
    • School Resource Officer (on campus police officer)
    • Facilities and Maintenance
    • Music and Band
    • 1:1 Chromebook Initiative
    • Safety and Security
    • Extra-curricular activities and clubs
    • Smaller class sizes
    • Technology
    • School Counseling
    • And more…
  • Election day is Tuesday, February 13, 2024
  • Voters will receive their ballots in the mail by the last week of January
  • Register to vote or find more info online at wei.sos.wa.gov
  • Tax exemptions and deferrals are available for senior citizens and individuals who are disabled. For more information, contact the Grant County Auditor’s Office at Phone: 509-754-2011, ext. 2704 or visit www.grantcountywa.gov/282/Voting-In-Washington
  • Ballots must be postmarked or returned by February 13th at 8:00 PM. Learn more at www.grantcountywa.gov/270/Elections
  • In Royal City, a ballot drop box is located next door to Confluence Health at 101 NE Camela Street. To find a drop box location near you, visit the Grant County website at www.grantcountywa.gov/270/Elections