District Athletics Contact Info

Cody Miller

Athletics & Activities Director 
District Safety and Compliance Officer

PH: 509.346.2256 ext: 3950

[email protected]

Deana Freeman

Athletic/Activities Secretary
PH: 509-346-2434
[email protected]

Athletics Eligibility and Requirements

In order to be eligible to participate in Royal Athletic the following criteria must be met and forms turned into the Athletic Department.

The Royal School District affords students the opportunities to be involved in programs which cannot be included in the regular school day or as part of the regular education program. Continued participation in extracurricular activities is contingent upon the student compliance with the rules of the District Athletic Code and the Student Handbook.

Extracurricular activities provide the opportunity to learn sportsmanship, cooperation, recognition, respect for authority, and the spirit of hard work and sacrifice by participation in a wide variety of activities.

Extracurricular activities encourage appropriate appearance and desirable expressions, actions and conduct which will positively influence public opinion of participants and the school.

Although extracurricular activities are voluntary, those participating do represent their student body, family, and community. Therefore, the standards must be kept high; this includes academic requirements, citizenship, sportsmanship and conduct. The dignity of the total school program requires that students conduct themselves in a manner above question.

Participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege not a right of the student.

Student athletes and their parents are informed that students will be held accountable to rules and regulation in the Royal High/Middle School Student Handbook as well as the Royal High/Middle School Athletic Code. Violations occurring on school property or at a school sponsored activity will result in discipline being imposed from both policies.

Requirements for Participation/Eligibility

In order for a student to participate in any athletic activity, the student must have on file in the office a record of the following:

  1. Written documents evidencing the student has met all WIAA requirements
  2. Parent/guardian permission form
  3. Physical examination with physician’s signature
  4. Emergency information card/travel card
  5. Insurance coverage information, policy and number, or Paid school Insurance
  6. Signature of student and parent/guardian signifying they have read, understood, and accepted the athletic code handbook regulations
  7. Signature of parent/guardian warning statement
  8. Record that the student has met academic requirements
  9. Students must have a physical, parent permission, and insurance to practice, all other requirements they have 1 week to get cleared

A WIAA handbook can be found online at