Bus Rules

  • Obey the Bus Driver
  • Be Respectful of Others and the Bus
  • NO Bad Language, Teasing or Name Calling
  • NO Smoking or Lighting of Any Material
  • Electronic Devices:
    • Bus Driver Permission is needed to Use Cell Phones which may be used ONLY in an Emergency
    • Music May be Listened to with Headphones using only 1 Ear Phone/Bud
    • NO Laser Pointers
    • NO Cameras
  • NO Animals **Except Service Animals
  • NO Fighting
  • NO Bullying
  • NO Sharp Objects of any Kind
  • Stay Seated at ALL Times Until the Bus Stops
  • DO NOT Open Windows Without Permission
  • Keep your Hands, Head and Feet Inside the Bus
  • DO NOT Damage the Bus
  • Keep Aisles Clear
  • Keep Bus Clean
  • NO Eating or Drinking (Water Only)


It is the District's policy to have a chaperone or coach on buses going on extracurricular runs to supervise students and obey bus rules. It is also the responsibility of bus operators to follow district, state, WSDOT and federal laws.

Before leaving the operator will:

Establish an acceptable noise level, give instructions regarding food/drinks, keeping the bus clean, cleaning the bus at the end of the trip, instruct passengers on how to use emergency exits, and advise at least one adult what to do in an emergency.

Passengers are not to change clothes on the bus or wear shoes with any type of cleats.

Do not block aisles, windows, or emergency exits. Use emergency exits only for emergencies.

When decorating buses check with the operator for safety guidelines.

Do not cover any part of a window, door, or emergency exit. Use only "easy release brand masking tape". Students decorating a bus are responsible for removing decorations and cleanup after the trip.


The penalty for bad behavior on the bus will be decided by the principal and the Transportation Director, depending on the behavior. Serious bad behavior on the bus may also be cause for punishment up to and including loss of bus riding privileges, suspension or expulsion from school. Consequences may vary, depending on the severity of the problem.

1st Warning: Written Notice
2nd Warning: 3-Day Suspension from Bus and/or School
3rd Warning: 1-10 Day Suspension or Full Suspension from Bus and/or School