Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying Policy & Procedure


Royal School District is committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students, employees, parents/legal guardians, volunteers, and patrons that is free from harassment, intimidation, or bullying/cyber-bullying.

Any student who believes he or she has been the target of unresolved, severe, or persistent harassment, intimidation, or bullying/cyber-bullying, or any other person in the school community who observes or receives notice that a student has or may have been the target of unresolved, severe, or persistent harassment, intimidation or bullying/cyber-bullying may report incidents verbally or in writing to any staff member.

All staff members shall intervene when witnessing or receiving reports of harassment, intimidation or bullying/cyber-bullying. Minor incidents that staff are able to resolve immediately, or incidents that do not meet the definition of harassment, intimidation, or bullying/cyber-bullying, may require no further action under this procedure.

The district will ensure its compliance with all state laws regarding harassment, intimidation, or bullying/cyber-bullying. Nothing in this policy or procedure prevents a student, parent/guardian, school or district from taking action to remediate harassment or discrimination based on a person's gender or membership in a legally protected class under local, state or federal law.

If you believe that your student has been the target of unresolved, severe, or persistent harassment, intimidation or bullying/cyber-bullying, please discuss the situation with the building principal where the harassment, intimidation, or bullying/cyber-bullying is occurring. You will be asked to complete an Incident Reporting Form, which is provided at the school building.

Please read the Procedures section of Policy No. 3207P to become familiar with the steps that you and the school district will follow to deter any further harassment, intimidation, or bullying/cyber-bullying. You may contact the district compliance officer if you have further concerns:

Compliance/HIB Officer

Cody Miller 


Ext. 3950

To find the most up-to-date policy and procedure, please click on the following link and look for policy 3207 Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidations or Bullying and procedure 3207: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B646Pnkfm8DXd2Z3NWRuUVplYXc?resourcekey=0-p-VJxA1Z34a6Q7ZyOlphsg

HIB Reporting form

Online Tip Reporting System